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WM Waste Management and Services provide booked (At Call) hard rubbish or bundled green waste collection services to the following councils in Melbourne and regional victoria. Put in your postcode below or select from the popular selections:

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Hard Rubbish & Bundled Branch Collections
All You Need To Know

Hard rubbish is a valuable waste disposal and recycling service for Melbourne residents.

Hard rubbish waste collection is a great way for people to de-clutter their house or possessions, appliances, and furniture that are no longer in working order or of any use to the owner. A hard waste collection is a convenient way to dispose of items too large for regular household refuse disposal, or for items with specific disposal requirements, such as mattresses and whitegoods. Many hard rubbish collections also include green waste (bundled branches)

Most councils provide hard rubbish and waste collection to its households free of charge once a year. Some councils perform this duty at a specific time each year, but more and more councils are choosing to use a booking system (At Call) to make the process more convenient for residents.

WM Waste Management Services has provided hard waste collection services to Melbourne Councils since 1985.

Benefits of Hard Rubbish Collection and Mattress Recycling Services

Melbourne councils understand the importance of good waste management in order to keep their regions of the city great places to live. As such, they provide special waste disposal services for items that last a long time and are too large to dispose of normally. Also, there are residents of Melbourne who do not own trailers, utes or even cars and so cannot take their waste to a disposal facility. This service is designed so that everyone has an opportunity to keep their property, suburb, and city free from waste dumping and cluttering.

This service allows the council to ensure that certain items, such as refrigerators, white goods, mattresses and televisions, to be recycled to ensure minimal impact on the local environment. Hard rubbish collection is a great way for the community and councils to help each other keep Melbourne one of the world’s most liveable cities.